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Free And Direct Download In Time [2011] Movie With 720p Quality, Direct Download Link, English Subtitle And Only 702 MB Size ! (Full)

In Time

Here You Can Download In Time Movie With 720p Quality, Direct Download Link, English Subtitle And Only 702 MB Size.
Direct Download In TimeMDB Rating:- 6.5/10

Gener:- Action, Sci-Fi 

Run Time:- 109 min

Language:- English

Budget:- $40 million 

Box Office:- $173,930,596

Directed By:- 

Story Line

In the movie In Time In the year 2169, humanity has been genetically engineered to stop aging at 25 and to be born with a digital clock, bearing a year worth of time, on their forearm . At the age of 25 the clock begins counting down, when it reaches zero that person dies. Time has been turned into the universal currency, giving time for products or services just by body contact, as well as transferring to others. A person can no longer die of old age and can only die by "timing out" (running out of time), having one's clock "cleaned" (murder by someone taking all their time), or simply by being reckless that age is not a factor in that reason (e.g. getting shot, overdosing, etc.). The country is divided into time zones, based on the wealth of its population; the film focuses on two time zones. Dayton, a ghetto zone whose inhabitants barely have a day if they don't work in the local factory, is one of the poorest with people being indifferent to the timed-out bodies on the streets. The other zone is New Greenwich, the wealthiest zone where the wealthy enjoy the benefits of their immortality and wealth but are constantly surrounded by body guards and are very conscious about their actions to prevent non-age related deaths. Below In Time  download link.


Direct Download In Time

Direct Download In Time
Direct Download In Time


Direct Download Link In Time

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